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Managing your Quiz set

Once created, you can fine tune your Quiz set in the Manage Quiz section.

Manage your Quiz

Try Quiz

You can always try your quizzes, even with custom settings on each trial.


On the top right corner of this tile you will always see the (# of questions/question groups within the Quiz set).

Here you can add upload and configure the questions that are in the Quiz.

The Quiz set determines what questions should appear during the test. The most important question types supported by EduBase Quiz are:

  • single and multiple choice
  • true/false
  • plain text: where punctuation, lowercase and uppercase characters does not matter ordering
  • numerical: intelligent evaluation for fractions
  • date / time: intelligent evaluation for dates
  • mathematical expression: intelligent evaluation for more complex mathematical formulas; perfectly suited for the study natural sciences
  • matrices and sets
  • free text: semi-automatic evaluation

Tasks can be uploaded or added to the test in the following ways:

  • Upload on the user interface: using the online editor
  • Upload as a file: as Excel spreadsheet or special EDU format
  • Add existing questions: previously uploaded questions to EduBase
  • Copy from another set: copy previously created questions and question groups
  • From EduBase's public QuestionBase: if it is available to add public questions


You might have your own, organization-wide public QuestionBase.

Question groups

Question groups are grouped questions that allow the following:

  • Select only a few from a specific number of questions
    • For example, only 1 question out of 10 is randomly added to the test.
  • Specific questions are always in order
    • Despite the shuffling of the Quiz's questions.
  • Complex Tasks
    • A set of questions displayed as one on the test. It is useful when you have several different question types for one common source or text.

Basic data and settings


  • Language
  • Name
  • Description
  • Organization: You can immediately assign this content to an organization.
  • Questionnaire: After completing a test, users will be given an opportunity to give feedback on the exam and the tasks. You can also use external services (e.g., Google Forms) to get more advanced feedback.

Quiz settings

Test-related settings, where you can configure the following:

  • Mode
    • Worksheet - Test takers can switch between tasks and submit them at the sime. Total time allowed can be limited.
    • Rounds - Tasks show up one after the other and they should be submitted in this order. Time can be limited per question as well.
  • Type
    • Practice - For unlimited practicing
    • Course exam - If you have a video course, you can add this Quiz to the end of it as a final assessment.
    • Exam, Homework, and Championship - Has to be done in one sitting and the system reports switching between different tabs and other suspicious activities.
    • Private (only for testing purposes)
  • Fill-in limit
    • No limit
    • Given number of times (per account): Specify the number of times this test can be completed per account.
    • Daily limit (per account): Specify the number of times this test can be completed each day per account.


Customize available time for solving the questions.

  • Total time
    • Default (no limit)
    • Choose from the predefined set of options
    • Custom number of minutes

Scoring, grades

Configure the automatic evaluation

  • Grading method: You can customise your grading, or simply use a preset we provide. By default, there is no grading.
  • Next Quiz: On finish the user is given access to the next test, so a larger test can be divided into smaller, separate units.
  • Starting score: 0 by default
  • Scoring:
    • Default: defined per question
    • Custom
      • Value of correct and incorrect answer can be specified
  • Skip: Disregard evaluation of some questions. With this option you can set which questions should not count in the final evaluation:
    • Evaluate all questions (default)
    • Randomly
    • First few
    • Last few


Customize the displayed questions:

  • All (default)
  • Custom
  • Select from the options

You can also set the following:

  • Shuffle order of question for every test
  • Hide answers for all questions
  • Mandatory
    • No mandatory questions (default)
    • First few
    • Last few
    • All questions
  • Source
  • Filter
  • Categories

Advanced features

Create exam

You can create a new exam from this Quiz set.


  • Name
  • Type
    • Exam: has to be done in one sitting and the system reports switching between different tabs and other suspicious activities.
    • Championship: has a live leaderboard with the scores of the test takers.
    • Homework: can be paused and resumed at any time by the deadline. Switching tabs are not reported either.
  • Organization: You can immediately assign this content to an organization.
  • Settings
    • Set up as a new exam using default settings
    • Copy settings from another exam


You must specify the exam schedule.

  • Start: beginning of the exam.
    • Login is already available half hour before, but the test can't be started until the start time.
  • End: end of the exam.
    • Login is still available half hour after.

Send to class

You can share the Quiz in different Classrooms.

Special permissions

Here you can manage user permissions.

Send to others

What does it mean, send to others?

You can easily send your customized Quiz set (questions and settings) to other accounts. After copying the test, the other account may change settings and tasks freely but they will not be able to share their copy with others.

How to use?

  • Add questions: add or upload tasks to this test on the questions page
  • Enable sharing: you can activate this feature once you are ready with customizing your test
  • Sharing key: after you have enabled sharing, you will find the sharing key in this window that will be used to import this test
  • Sharing the key: share the key with your target audience
  • Import: other users may receive your test on the my Quiz sets page using the import button and the sharing key

Enable sharing

  • First step: Add questions
    • Before activating sharing, you have to prepare your test. Add or upload tasks to this test on the questions page. We also recommend checking out settings to fully customize your test and have the limits, scring and other options configured.
  • If you are ready to share your test with others, here you can enable sharing.
    • Set validity: Sharing can also be disabled manually anytime before it expires.

Description and welcome text

Short description

This description will be shown in the Quiz start window.

Welcome text

This description will be shown on the Quiz start page. If the test can be accessed and started with a link, this description is shown to anyone!

Change cover

You can upload a cover image for your test:

  • Supported formats: JPEG, JPG and PNG.
  • Maximum file size: 4 MB. Minimum 1200x750 pixels!


On the bottom right corner of this tile you will always see the (# ratings on this Quiz set).

Remove set

Basically deletes the Quiz set. This action cannot be undone later.