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Creating your first exam

To create an exam, navigate to your exams by one of the following ways:

This opens a list of all your exams.

You can then create your exam by clicking the new exam/homework button.



  • Language
  • Name
  • Type: Can be exam, championship and homework.
    • Exam: has to be done in one sitting and the system reports switching between different tabs and other suspicious activities.
    • Championship: has a live leaderboard with the scores of the test takers.
    • Homework: can be paused and resumed at any time by the deadline. Switching tabs are not reported either.
  • Organization: You can immediately assign this content to an Organization.
  • Settings: Optionally, you can copy settings from an already existing exam.


You must specify the exam schedule.

  • Start: beginning of the exam.
    • Login is already available half hour before, but the test can't be started until the start time.
  • End: end of the exam.
    • Login is still available half hour after.

Quiz set

An exam is created from Quiz sets. That will determine the questions in the exam. Choose the Quiz set you want to use to prepare the exam.

  • Quiz set
    • Create a new set with the name of the exam, or
    • Select an existing Quiz set.

To finsih the configuration click the Add button.