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Welcome to EduBase Help

This documentation will help you get started with EduBase. If these guides do not help or you feel stuck, please contact us.


You will most likely need an EduBase account to follow the documentation. Therefore it is recommended to register and look around on EduBase before continuing.

Quick overview of EduBase Quiz

EduBase Quiz is an examination system developed and maintained by EduBase LLC. It is automaticaly included in any EduBase instance (business or otherwise), but it can also be used as a standalone service and can be integrated into your LMS or other system as well.

There are 3 core concepts that will be used throughout these guides regarding EduBase Quiz:

  • Question:

    • Questions are the atomic units of EduBase Quiz.
    • There are various types of questions supported ranging from single-choice to evaluating mathematical expressions as user inputs.
  • Quiz set:

  • Examination:

    • Exams allow you to limit your Quiz sets so that:

      • they are only available at a specific time,
      • have no hints/solutions,
      • can only be filled once per user, and
      • have other security features (e.g. cheating detection).

The relationship of the above concepts are depicted in the below diagram.

EduBase Quiz hierarchy

Quizzes are made up of a set of questions, and exams get their questions from selected Quiz sets.