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Installation (LTI 1.0/1.1):

  • Sign in with your account on EduBase and your LMS
  • Navigate to the Integrations page on EduBase
  • Create a new integration
  • If it is successfully created, a window opens with the integration keys (Consumer and Secret key) and any available additional metadata
  • In your LMS, add an external tool / application and use the configuration XML shown on this page (enable optional features if needed) and the integration keys
  • EduBase is now connected to your LMS!

Installation (LTI 1.3):

  • Similar to Installation (LTI 1.0/1.1), create your integration first on EduBase
  • Follow instructions on EduBase to setup exchange keys and LTI service and settings

Additional notes for Desire2Learn:

  • You need to add the Tool Provider first (for your course or on an organizational level) then you can create a Remote Plugin
  • Only use Quicklink (CIM) plugin type to share EduBase launch links, Quizes and exams

Last update: April 7, 2022