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Inviting Students

After creating a Classroom, members should join to access its contents. To invite members click the members[0] button below the headline. The number in the [brackets] represent the number of active members of your Classroom.

In the Members menu you will see the list of class members. To add or invite new members click the add or invite members button.

You have the following options to invite members:

  • Send invitations: Send unique join-codes to a list of email addresses. You can send batch invites by giving a list of addresses separated by commas. Also, you can specify a custom message that will be included in the invitation email. Please keep in mind, that these invites expire after 90 days.
  • Magic link: A link that once opened will grant access to the Classroom.
  • QR code: A QR code that can be scanned by a smartphone for example and acts like a Magic link.
  • From other classes: Add members from your other classes. Not relevant in case of your first Classroom.
  • Connect accounts: Add members by specifying an existing EduBase user by their email address, username or EduID code (that can be accessed from their settings page (Control panel>Personal settings and data)). In case of multiple members separate them by commas.
  • Set password for class: Set how to join the class and create a password for the class. This will password protect your Classroom. (Alternatively, you can change this from the Classroom settings as well.)

Last update: April 7, 2022