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Adding or uploading your questions

Questions (or tasks) can be uploaded or added to a Quiz set in the following ways:

  • Upload on the interface: using the online editor
  • Upload as a file: as Excel spreadsheet or by using the special EDU file format
  • Add existing questions: reuse previously uploaded questions to EduBase
  • Copy from another set: copy previously created questions and question groups
  • From EduBase's public QuestionBase: if it is available to add public questions

Upload on the interface

To upload a question using the EduBase user interface (UI) navigate to the Quiz set and click add questions > Add new question and follow the instructions to add your question.

Upload as a file

To batch upload questions as a file navigate to the Quiz set and click add questions > Upload as a file. Use the sample Excel file, and documentation buttons to get started with creating correctly formatted Excel files.

The supported formats are XLSX, CSV, EDU, ZIP, Moodle XML.

  • A maximum of 500 questions can be uploaded at once.
  • Maximum file size: 20 MB

EDU files are special text files that mimic Excel files, however, each file has to be a different question and therefore, it's only a suitable option if your questions are fairly complex and editing them within Excel isn't convenient. You can upload multiple of these EDU files (questions) bundled together with their corresponding images, attachments in a ZIP file. Get in touch with us if you want to learn more!

Moodle XML is a Moodle-specific format for importing your questions from Moodle.

Add existing questions

To add an existing question navigate to the Quiz set and click add questions > From my QuestionBase to add previously uploaded questions by you. You can select multiple questions to be uploaded at once.

Copy from another set

To add an existing question navigate to the Quiz set and click add questions > Advanced options > Import questions from other Quiz set and then choose which set you want questions to be copied from!

From EduBase's public QuestionBase

The public QuestionBase is a site-wide repository of questions that are prepared, reviewed and certified by users of your organization or EduBase, if you are using our main website.


You might see different options available for you based on your plan.