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Exams allow you to limit your Quiz sets in the following ways:

  • Fill out once per account
  • Even if the underlying questions have hints and solutions, they are not shown
  • Only available for certain accounts or with special link / PIN code
  • Only available for a specified period.

In addition there are many extra features compared to Quiz sets:

  • Increased security, cheating detection
  • Testing without registration, link or PIN code
  • Custom revision period and reviewing system
  • Overriding automatic results, giving extra points manually
  • Re-evaluating already finished exams with one click (e.g., after correcting an erroneous question)
  • Exams always include a Quiz set, whose tasks and settings are valid during the exam period. However, the Quiz set can be replaced (at the beginning of each round until there is no result with that set).

Exam types:

Although you will most likely only use exams in the default mode, there are different types of exams that we support:

  • Exam: has to be done in one sitting and the system reports switching between different tabs and other suspicious activities.
  • Championship: has a live leaderboard with the scores of the test takers.
  • Homework: can be paused and resumed at any time by the deadline. Switching tabs are not reported either.

The type may only be modified as long as there are no users assigned to the exam. If you must change it then remove the users and add them again once you have changed the type.