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Creating a Classroom

What is a Classroom on EduBase?

The Classroom is one of the basic building blocks of EduBase. With the help of classes you can create a virtual community on a specific topic, where you can share different contents, such as:

  • Exams, quizzes, homework;
  • Assignments;
  • Videos, video courses;
  • Files;
  • News and updates;
  • SCORM tutorials.

You can also track how many content has been seen and how many have been filled out or completed. You can also send group messages (or even emails) easily from the interface. The group with its members and contents are protected.

Create your first Classroom

To create a new Classroom navigate to Profile>Classes click the new class button on the left, or if this is the first ever Classroom, there is a red create class button. You can configure the following:

  • Language: Language of the Classroom;
  • Name: Name is going to be the title of the Classroom's page;
  • Public description: Description for guests before they enter the Classroom;
  • Organization: You can immediately assign this content to an Organization;
  • Headline text: Short title. Useful if the Name is too long;
  • Contact: Displayed admin contact information for the members of the Classroom.
  • Clone: Copy contents, settings, permissions from an already existing Classroom. Members will not be automatically added to the new Classroom!
  • Date: Helps to schedule the Classroom. Can be set by date, or by date and time down to the minute.
  • Start: A visual aid to Classroom members.
  • End: After the time set here, users will not be able to join the class and no more content can be shared with existing members.

Clicking the green Add button will create the Classroom. Once created, you will be landed on your Classroom's page.

First, we will invite some members and then learn how to manage the newly created Classroom.