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Managing your exam

Once created, you can fine tune your exam in the Manage Exam section. On the top you can see the Exam date shown as a reminder of when the exam is active.

Manage your exam

Users and results

On the top right corner of this tile you will always see the (# of students who finished the exam)/(# of students assigned to the exam).

Here you can add students to your exam either

  • from your class, or
  • generate accounts for registration-free exams, or
  • add EduBase accounts by email, username, or EduID.

On this page you can follow the live results of your exam. You can update it by the update button, but it does so periodacally by default. Also, there are multiple filters with which you can filter for the students of interest (e.g., online in-progress exams). Click on the filters to activate them, double click to negate and click once again to disable them.

You can also export the results to an Excel file.


On the top right corner of this tile you will always see the (# of questions in the exam). These are the questions of the underlying Quiz set, which you can edit by clicking this tile.

Also, there are multiple filters with which you can filter for the questions of interest (e.g., parametric questions with images).

Send to class

You can share this exam with any number of your classes. Optionally, you can set the Details of post as well, such as the:

  • Title
  • Message: text that appears with the exam in your class.
  • Pin: Select if you want to display the exam above other posts.
  • Display: Specify a date and time when it should become visible. By default it's immediate.
  • Hide: Specify a date and time when the post should disappear. By default it never disappears.

Basic data and settings


You might see different options available for you based on your plan.

On the top right corner of this tile you will see a reminder if the exam has no time limit.


Modify exam settings here:

  • Language
  • Name
  • Type
  • Questionnaire: After completing a test, users will be given an opportunity to give feedback on the exam and the tasks. You can also use external services (e.g., Google Forms) to get more advanced feedback.
  • Email: This address will be displayed as contact on the exam welcome page.
  • Phone number: This phone number will be displayed as contact on the exam welcome page.


Set the available time for the exam here.

Scoring, grades

Set how the automatic evaluation should work.

  • Grading method: You can customise your grading, or simply use a preset we provide. By default, there is no grading.
  • Next exam: On finish the user is given access to the next test, so a larger test can be divided into smaller, separate units.


Set the exam schedule.

View results

Set a later post-exam review.

  • View: There are multiple modes you can select from:
    • Never (default): Detailed results are hidden and even the results page can be disabled to hide the total points.
    • After finishing the test: Users see their detailed results immediately after finishing the test, while the exam is active or until the generated accounts logout.
    • Anytime during the exam: Users can log in (while the exam is active) and view their results anytime after completing the exam, even with generated accounts.
    • After a certain date and time: Users can only access their detailed results only after the configured date and time, not before that. Generated accounts can login again during this period.
    • After submitting exam and again after a certain date and time: Users can log in again and view their results after the configured date, even with generated accounts. No new tests can be started in this period.
    • After manual approvement per test: Users cannot access detailed results and points before manually approved by exam supervisors.
  • Results page: Redirect to the results page after finishing the test. Here, test taskers can see the final score and the detailed results task-by-task, according to the settings. Enabled by default.
  • Reviews: Test takers can indicate problems with automatic evaluation and submit the sheet for manual review. Then you can override the evaluation and resolve the case. Disabled by default.

You can also set to hide points during the test and on the results page.

Request user data

Before starting the test, you ask for certain information:

  • Full name: Disabled by default.
  • Email address: Disabled by default.
  • Add any other custom field (e.g., ask for internal ID, location, etc...)
  • GDPR agreement: Display agreement with mandatory checkbox on the exam start page to accept processing/storing of data to be entered.
    • If yes is selected, multiple fields will appear to be filled.


Settings of the export function on the user results page.

  • Format: Choose from Excel or CSV.
  • Settings: Tick the boxes you want to see in the export.
  • Organize: You can organize results by name, or by using the default order.

Additional settings

You can select the following:

  • Disable automatic login blocking feature
    • so users can login to the exam any time during the exam period
  • Disable welcome countdown before test
  • Disable tab switching warnings
  • Only selected users can fill out this exam or homework
    • joining any other way is therefore disabled (e.g., from a group)
  • Notify about new compeleted tests

Advanced features

Start new tests

You can disable new tests to be started.

Automatic login

With autologin, test takers access pre-generated accounts only by opening a link. It can be easily shared with a lot of students.

Before you can turn it on, you will need to generate accounts in which the system can log the test takers in.

How to use?

Generate accounts: you can generate accounts here. These are anonymus, empty accounts that can be only used during the test

Turn on autologin: once you've generated accounts, you can turn on this feature here

Autologin link: after you turned it on, you will find the login link here in this window

Share link: share the link

PIN code login: test takers can also access the exam with an automatically generated 8-digit PIN code (from the exam login page)

Custom Branding

Set custom logo, background and colors for your exam.

Supplementary materials

You can upload any files as a supplementary material for your exam. E.g. presentations, documentations, videos.

Video course

Show media contents before starting the test. This can be a specific video or video course.

Special permissions

Here you can manage user permissions.

Quiz set settings

Basic data and settings of the underlying quiz set.

Change quiz set

Modify the quiz set of the exam.


By restarting the exam all the results will disappear from the accounts and examinees can restart the test.

Remove exam

Basically deletes the exam. This action cannot be undone later.

Last update: April 27, 2022