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Creating your first Quiz set

To create a Quiz set, navigate to your quizes by one of the following ways:

This opens a list of all your Quiz sets.

In folder view you can only access your own Quiz sets and the ones shared with you directly. Team and organization shared sets are accessible in the all view.

There are multiple ways to create your Quiz set:

  1. New set - Creates a new Quiz set from sketch.
  2. Import - Enter the sharing key you received to import a Quiz set.
  3. Wizard - This is feature currently unavailable for English.

We are going to discuss the first option, creating a new Quiz set from sketch.

Create Quiz

Quiz set data

You can add questions and customize it even more later.

  • Language
  • Name
  • Type
    • Practice - For unlimited practicing
    • Course exam - If you have a video course, you can add this Quiz to the end of it as a final assessment.
    • Exam, Homework, and Championship - Has to be done in one sitting and the system reports switching between different tabs and other suspicious activities.
    • Private (only for testing purposes)
  • Short description
  • Organization

Quiz settings

You can choose mode a for your Quiz:

  • Worksheet - Test takers can switch between tasks and submit them at the sime. Total time allowed can be limited.
  • Rounds - Tasks show up one after the other and they should be submitted in this order. Time can be limited per question as well.

Importing your Quiz set

Last update: April 27, 2022