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Customizing the Control Panel

The Control Panel is the central page of your account where you can manage your classes, materials, and personal settings. To access the Control Panel hover over Profile on the right side of the header and select Control Panel (Profile>Control Panel).

Parts of the Control Panel

First you see two parts of this page, the

  • Control Panel; and
  • Additional elements.

If you expand Additional elements it will reveal the other menus you can add to your Control Panel. If you decide to include some of them you have to click edit next to the Control Panel. Once the menus start to move, you can rearrange the menus the same way you can rearrange applications on your smartphone.

We encourage you to try them all out!


Although EduBase itself is an e-learning platform, you can also integrate practice tests and exams with our robust Quiz system into your own choice of LMS (e.g., Moodle, Canvas), supporting LTI. You can manage your integrations from here, within the Integartions menu.